MovendiuM is the right hand of many event organizers who have to deal with managing traffic
around their event. This includes designing traffic plans, making drafts and executing the traffic management.

You can find examples of possible measures and solutions here.

MovendiuM originated from the words ‘mobility’ and ‘cavent’, which means ‘to unburden’. To unburden your traffic management in the broadest sense. Our expertise lies mainly in the sustainable traffic support at
cycling and running events, parades and festivals, both nationally and internationally.
But also if you are looking for support for your business event, e.g. the launch of a new product or a staff meeting, we are more than able to help you out. After all, these can also involve a lot of traffic in a short time span.

Are you organizing an event, or are you planning on doing so? Read on and discover what we can do for you.
Many satisfied organizations have already made use of our services!


Designing traffic plans
Executing traffic plans
Second opinions on excisting plans and offers
Capacity calculations
Internally based traffic management (everything in-company)
Staff and volunteer instructions
Parking optimisation

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