Tips & Tricks

Here we shall explain what makes MovendiuM so unique. A good example are innovative
and smart solutions based on experience, such as efficiency and R.O.I. (return on investment)

1. A solid traffic plan presents clear information to all parties involved and works excellently
for large amounts of traffic in a short time span, both during the intake and outflow. We like
to call this “Mobility management”.

2. We file the traffic plan with the road authority on your behalf. In doing so, we request permission
to place temporary detours, fences, signs, traffic cones and temporary staff. You
need this permit to organize your event. We include
a free-of-charge map of the route(s) in our traffic plan, which you can put on your website or include in your emails!

3. We think along with you. Not all locations have to be staffed with expensive traffic controllers.
In many cases, you can staff a lot of locations with volunteers. These volunteers
need to be instructed only once. We can also organize this instructional meeting for you. Besides this
one-time instruction, we provide your volunteers with post-instructions and practical tips, do’s and dont’s.

4. We take care of everything at once! Using our extensive network, we can take care of anything and everything!
A traffic plan, traffic drafts, placing signs, staff, traffic cones, fences, etc. We can take the complete traffic issue
off your hands.

5. By parking smartly, we can fit up to 34% more cars on your rented piece of land. In other words,
you don’t have to rent as much land, place as many mobilights and what’s also important is that you
have a much smaller area to clean up. A very efficient and sustainable solution.

6. Proper and intensive mobility management ensures that your impact on the road system is smaller
which reduces traffic jams. During the intake and outflow of cars to and from your event, cars drive a lot more fuel-efficient when they drive from or to your event at a speed of 40 to 50 mph. So proper mobility management has a very ‘green’ effect and saves the environment by limiting CO2-emission. Together with the Sustainable Event Alliance, Green Events Europe and Go Group, MovendiuM continuously strives to improve processes regarding the movement of festivalgoers and the CO2-emission this results in.

7. If visitors arrive at your event grounds earlier, you increase the
revenue of food and non-food commerce. In other words, you invest in us and we’ll invest in  you! An hour less traffic time is anhour more revenue. You can imagine the effect this has in events that attract 20,000 or more people!

8. You pay for mobility, but what do you get in return?
If you decide to work together with MovendiuM, you are sure to have a reliable partner and R.O.I.
The part of the money you invest with us returns to you through more income by visitors. They can be earlier on your event venue so you can let make you more profit! Can you imagine a better win-win situation?