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For Whom?

Those who are looking to organize and/or host an event, setting down infrastructural works & give out permissions for events



The definition of the word ‘event’ from a traffic-context view is; “A one-time or regularly occurring activity with a traffic-generating effect, which either lasts a single day or stretches out over a continuous period of several days, during which the authorities that have issued a permit for the organizing of the event, have set the condition that traffic-managing actions should be taken”.


A permit is a requirement, how do you obtain one?

The organizer must file a request with the licensing authority (municipality, province, water board or State).  The application for the permit should include a route proposal to the event location.  Subsequently, the route proposal should be discussed with the police, emergency services, the road authority and other relevant local bodies.  This is to determine whether traffic management measures are necessary with regards to public safety and public order.


In short: You need a traffic plan!

Upon having successfully developed a traffic plan and gathered any supporting documentation you must apply at the licensing authority.  The licensing authority will scrutinize your traffic plan and will make a decision on whether to grant or deny your application.  MovendiuM can design this traffic plan for you using our expertise to help expedite the process.  Our detailed plan includes; clear, well thought out traffic routes, signage placement, fence placement, security, emergency services access, volunteer placement etc.  Alongside developing the traffic management plan we can also provide additional documentation that is requested from the authorities.

Optimizing your existing traffic plan

We are independent meaning that we are not interested in selling as many signs, fences and traffic controllers as possible.  We scour the market to bring you the highest quality and most profitable options combing these in to a clear and transparent package.  We are flexible and are able to include your suppliers to make your plan completely personal.  Last but certainly not least we also take care of the co-ordination of the event on-site and supervise all those who are involved in traffic management helping to share our knowledge to your staff.